WILDLIFE ARTISTRY is not your typical taxidermy shop. Our goal is to preserve nature while creating art. Years of experience and knowledge on animal physiology, natural behavior and habitat can be seen in our level of craftsmanship with each commission.
Every mount has a story, and it is our 
honor to help you preserve that moment.

Taxidermy is defined as an “art”. Mounts display your hard work and dedication to the sport. At Wildlife Artistry our priority is working closely with our clients in order to achieve the most accurate representation possible, using the best materials and tannery available.



Patrick Throop

I began studying taxidermy at the age of 13, when my big brother Kenny gave me a West Coast School of Taxidermy course. I worked on that for 15 years. I had a friend growing up whose father was an old world taxidermist: Frank Fortes. He helped me refine my skills throughout that decade.

I met Al Cardins in Redding, California and began spending time in his shop. At the same time I met and become friends with Harold Tweedle, long time taxidermist in California. I spent a few years in his shop then moved to Oregon.

In 1996 I invented the process to reproduce velvet antlers. I spent 2 years being marketed by Research Manikins and doing work through them. I sold that business in 2000.

Ten years later, in 2010-11, I met Brian Samuels, Master Taxidermist, and worked with him for a month or so. With out a doubt Harold and Brian were the best teachers I ever had.

I appreciate my Dad for teaching me to love wildlife and the outdoors, and not laughing too hard at my first mounts. I’m also thankful to my wife for putting up with all the dead animals I have drug into our home and put on our walls for the last 20 years.


Kevin Wong

Owner of Wildlife Artistry and director on the board of Sacramento Safari Club, a Chapter of Safari Club International, has been an outdoor enthusiast for over 30 years. Having traveled and hunted the world, he has worked closely with Pat Throop on many of his animals, resulting in professional and detail oriented mounts.

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